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In the building industry, reputation and trust are the foundations for continued growth. In order to build client and customer confidence, Barclays Building Services must stand behind the quality of their work.

As a family-owned and operated local Perth business, it has taught us to value our customers and treat them with respect. At Barclays Restoration Services, exceeding your expectations is our primary goal and has been for over 30 years in business. With our extensive industry experience, we take pride in our expertise, meeting and often exceeding client expectations as a result of our receptiveness, dependability, capability, and exceptional quality distribution.


We understand that the home is the heart of the family, and most probably the most important asset you own. When floods and fire can occur at any time, be assured that there are providers out there who understand your family values to assist during these devastating times. 

With decades of experience within the building industry, we have provided a broad range of industries including insurance companies, builders and private clients, with quality Restoration Services. Our aim is to protect your property, while endeavouring to bring your home back to prior state and applying provisions to prevent future damage. 

Water Damage

Here at Barclays Restoration Services we specialise in water damaged structures and our qualified technicians are highly trained in the mitigation of water damaged property with strong focus on the prevention of mould onset and future damages. Immediate action is vital for a disaster situation and dependent on the severity of the cause, can result in varying degrees of damage.

We will inspect site to determine the scope of damage and provide an action plan to remedy the situation. We will liaise with you during the full process to ensure there is minimal inconvenience to those involved and you are well informed at every interval.

After a damaging water event, it is vital to remove any additional contents in the area to prevent any further structural damage and assist in the prevention of future mould onset. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments can cause throat and nasal irritations, respiratory illness, eye problems and skin irritations, so do what you can to assist with this process initially.

We use advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture, extract liquid quickly and apply drying techniques to ensure the property is restored to its prior state with minimal disruption to the surrounds. Every situation is different and requires a solution, and Barclays Restoration Services can provide that!

Fire/Smoke Restoration

Fires can happen at any time, often leaving the property uninhabitable for long periods of time and will have a devastating effect on the whole family. Depending on the severity, items and structures may or may not be salvageable; but if they can, then Barclays Restoration Services can get them back to pre-fire condition.

We can restore structures effected by fire and soot, and in many cases, the widespread water damage from the emergency services efforts to distinguish the event. Our qualified technicians have specialised fire and water damage restoration training to efficiently and effectively return your property back to pre-fire condition.

Fire and soot odours can re-occur after time; when a fire event happens, porous exteriors inflate allowing the soot and odours to enter and when the exterior starts to cool, the pores will close and entrap the soot and odours. When the temperature escalates, the odours will travel back to the surface and then release through the open pores. If the cleaning is not completed correctly, then you may find yourself having future problems so be sure to use a reputable provider like Barclays Restoration Services.

Storm Damage Restoration

Working with property insurance companies for a multitude of years has provided Barclays Restoration Services with in-depth knowledge of the severity and destruction that a storm can cause to your home. It can be far too overwhelming and not only is it exhausting to rummage through debris to find your valuables, but you don’t want to clean up after such a gruelling event in addition.

We can provide quality services for storm and event clean up for residential, commercial, site works and retail from water damage, building, structural and window damage, fallen vegetation and more. Regardless of the size or type, we have the expertise and experience to handle all situations.

Professional Cleaning

Building work is a messy business and can produce large amounts of debris, dust and dirt throughout your home. Barclays Restoration Services can provide professional cleaning solutions for both internal and external surfaces, for building work or specialist and industrial cleaning needs.

We can provide cost-effective services suitable to your needs, whether that be residential, commercial, retail or warehouse. From building works clean up to a storm event, from a kitchen or bathroom deep clean to a hazardous chemical spill, we do it all.

With specialist trained experts provided with advanced equipment and cleaning techniques, we will carefully remedy your cleaning situation and ensure quality results to exceed your expectations.


  • Residential, commercial, industrial;
  • Storm event clean up;
  • Fire and water damage;
  • After build clean;
  • Deep cleaning;
  • Vacate cleaning;
  • Carpets and flooring;
  • Tile and grout services;
  • Spills clean up;
  • Factory/Warehouse cleaning;
  • Graffiti and vandalism;
  • Damage restoration;
  • Odour removal;
  • 24/7 cleaning services.

Mould Remediation

At Barclays Restoration Services our technicians specialise in mould remediation with a particular focus on the prevention of future mould onset. An introduction to the smallest amount of liquid source can initiate the infestation of mould, in as little as 48 hours, which produce allergens in the environment. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments can cause throat and nasal irritations, respiratory illness, eye problems, skin irritations and ultimately lead to serious health effects.

With in-depth knowledge, advanced equipment and expert techniques, we can detect and endeavour to eliminate the onset of mould for a healthy and hygienic living environment.

A few mould FAQs to be aware of:

  • Mould spores exist almost everywhere!
  • Mould spores can travel through the air, heating/AC systems and can attach onto clothing;
  • Mould isn’t an issue for individual microscopic spores. The spores will inhabit together in exposure to water and grow rapidly, then becoming a problem;
  • Mould habitation occurs in moist areas, condensation, lack of ventilation or moisture ingress from building defects;
  • Any foundations of water must be eliminated to prevent mould rehabilitation. This must be done prior to mediation;
  • Mould creates a stale, damp odour;
  • If you suspect a mould issue, call us today to discuss.

Maintenance Services

Throughout our lifetime in the industry, we have grown quality relationships in every trade possible. We have access to well over 300 specialist trades that we are confident will provide a friendly, professional and efficient solution to any maintenance issue you may have, such as:

  • Building maintenance;
  • Appliance or systems installation;
  • Electrical services;
  • Plumbing and gas services;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Storm or accidental damage services;
  • Reticulation or gardening needs;
  • Tiling and rendering services; and
  • Painting and design services.

Qualified Tradespeople

With in-house tradespeople, as well as specially selected long-standing contractors, we have a proven track record of quality deliverables. Only employing qualified tradespeople with competent backgrounds, we stand by our experience as traditionally, restoration services require attention-to-detail and expert management. From minor building amendments, to a complete re-build; our tradespeople have done it all.

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