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Fire/Smoke Restoration

Fires can happen at any time, often leaving the property uninhabitable for long periods of time and will have a devastating effect on the whole family. Depending on the severity, items and structures may or may not be salvageable; but if they can, then Barclays Restoration Services can get them back to pre-fire condition.

We can restore structures effected by fire and soot, and in many cases, the widespread water damage from the emergency services efforts to distinguish the event. Our qualified technicians have specialised fire and water damage restoration training to efficiently and effectively return your property back to pre-fire condition.

Fire and soot odours can re-occur after time; when a fire event happens, porous exteriors inflate allowing the soot and odours to enter and when the exterior starts to cool, the pores will close and entrap the soot and odours. When the temperature escalates, the odours will travel back to the surface and then release through the open pores. If the cleaning is not completed correctly, then you may find yourself having future problems so be sure to use a reputable provider like Barclays Restoration Services.

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