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Water Damage

Here at Barclays Restoration Services we specialise in water damaged structures and our qualified technicians are highly trained in the mitigation of water damaged property with strong focus on the prevention of mould onset and future damages. Immediate action is vital for a disaster situation and dependent on the severity of the cause, can result in varying degrees of damage.

We will inspect site to determine the scope of damage and provide an action plan to remedy the situation. We will liaise with you during the full process to ensure there is minimal inconvenience to those involved and you are well informed at every interval.

After a damaging water event, it is vital to remove any additional contents in the area to prevent any further structural damage and assist in the prevention of future mould onset. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments can cause throat and nasal irritations, respiratory illness, eye problems and skin irritations, so do what you can to assist with this process initially.

We use advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture, extract liquid quickly and apply drying techniques to ensure the property is restored to its prior state with minimal disruption to the surrounds. Every situation is different and requires a solution, and Barclays Restoration Services can provide that!

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